PMS Relief with Acupuncture in MinneapolisThe worst part of getting PMS is not the cramping or bloating but the feeling of helplessness. Symptoms can include tender breasts, painful cramps, back pain and general feelings of discomfort. Hormonal changes can cause women to feel depressed, sore and out-of-luck when it comes to effective treatment options.

Fortunately, there is a holistic and safe alternative to help treat these symptoms – acupuncture! Though Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years, women in the US have only more recently discovered the healing power of acupuncture. They have turned their attention to the true effects acupuncture can have on treating many modern day health problems, including PMS.

PMS is caused by an imbalance in the estrogen and progesterone levels found in a woman as early as 2 weeks before her period begins. The results of this imbalance are marked by 150 symptoms ranging from the mild to severe. Traditionally these symptoms have been treated using over the counter drugs that seek to mask the discomfort rather than stop the underlying cause.

While cold packs may help reduce immediate pain in the lower back and chest area, one can hardly consider those methods of treatment “successful” in the long-term. Pain killers carry unpleasant side effects that can cause even more problems down the road. Luckily, the National Library of Medicine research indicates that the success rate in relieving PMS symptoms with acupuncture to be 78% among participants in a double-blind, controlled test.

“….I have received such amazing care and seen such amazing progress because of your help, that I am forever grateful!!! Acupuncture has done so many amazing things in my life from relieving my migraines to balancing my hormones but also bringing renewed health to so many other areas in my life; skin, diet, sleep, and so many other added benefits. I feel that I have made tremendous progress…Again thank you so much for the amazing care you have given me!” – Karna Ching

Our Licensed Acupuncturist knows how to relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms by stabilizing hormonal fluctuations and correcting energy imbalances. Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective form of treatment, with no side effects.  Western doctors are learning to trust the practice based solely on the positive results.  More and more women are getting help at our clinic for effectively treating PMS and all of the symptoms it comes with.*

If you are a woman in Minneapolis, St. Paul or the Twin Cities and suffer from PMS call us today at 952-831-8080 to get relief. Or go to our contact page now.

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