How You Can Benefit From Our Acupuncture:

  • Eliminate pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your energy
  • Balance your mood
  • Improve digestion
  • Promote healing
  • Reduce fine lines, rejuvenate face
  • Boost immunity to colds, flu, allergies

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His acupuncture treatments work REALLY well…

I have received treatments from Steven Sonmore for over ten years. I have tried quite a few acupuncturists and have not found anyone as good as Steven. I have yet to get the results from others that I can get from Steven’s treatments. He treats me for lower back pain. This is where his acupuncture treatments work REALLY well. He also has treated me for irregular menstrual cycles. I now have 3 children and another on the way. I also receive treatments from him while I’m pregnant and feel completely comfortable and confident with Steven. I can’t speak more highly of him – Steven Sonmore is the best!*

Danielle Valenciano

I have my life back…

I have trigeminal neuralgia which Steven has helped me beyond belief. I went from unable to function because of the pain to being pain free! He also treated me for fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue. I have my life back, even back to golfing & doing pilates!!

Sarah Wilson, Lakeville, MN

Best night of sleep in a long time…

Best night of sleep in a long time – after seeing Steven Sonmore yesterday! Thank you Steven for always being able to help me address my sleep issues and for your pinpoint precision in resolving my aches and pains. 🙏👍*

Karen David, Eden Prairie, MN

Makes my day every time…

Wow! I love everything about Complete Oriental Medical Care! It is an amazing place! I initially came in for a consultation about an old shoulder injury that limited my mobility and caused me regular pain and discomfort. I have been so happy with the results on my shoulder, which have been cumulative and long-lasting, but also on innumerable other benefits of acupuncture: I sleep much better, I have a greater overall sense of health and well-being, and not having daily pain and discomfort has freed me up to return to things I had let go (rollerblading, certain types of exercise).

I have a stressful job and I work long hours so sessions at Complete Oriental Medial Care have been my time to do some self-care and some quiet meditation. It is some of the most important and valuable time in my week. I have moved on from working on my shoulder to stress release, lower back pain and his support of my weight-loss goals has been also quite effective. Finally, the form of acupuncture that Steven practices (Distal Needle Acupuncture) does not require undressing which makes getting in and out easy when the days are busy. I cannot more highly recommend Steven and his staff, who makes my day every time. You need to try Complete Oriental Medical Care!!

Carolyn Gronfield, Minneapolis, MN

After the treatment, I felt so uplifted, happy, and calm…

I have had high blood pressure for nearly three years. An Internal Medicine (IM) physician prescribed 10 mg of an Ace Inhibitor which gave me an extreme dry cough. Next was a Calcium Channel Blocker with side affects of swollen feet, ankles, and legs. My physician mentioned giving me another medication to help that situation. That’s when I knew without a doubt I was on the wrong path. I wanted healing not to keep covering up symptoms and having side affects upon side affects. I began my investigation of alternative healing and found Steven Sonmore and acupuncture. The night before my initial evaluation and treatment by Steven, my blood pressure spiked up to 150/128. My entire internal system was racing, my chest /breathing felt heavy and I felt terrible. Steven’s diagnose and first treatment, hit the bulls eye. During this treatment, I began to feel a calm that was missing for a long time. After the treatment, I felt so uplifted, happy, and calm. All natural. I left saying this was “delicious.” I had my second treatment and a day later my blood pressure was 115/69. Fantastic results. I also take the Chinese herbs Steven recommends. My energy level is very good. I have not felt this good in three years. I am on my way to excellent, natural health. Happy and healthy.

Joanne Bean, Bloomington, MN

Helped me go from hopelessness to empowerment…

Dear Mr. Sonmore, Thank you for helping me deeply change my reality of health. My healing sessions with you have been an integral part of my recovery and well being. You helped me find my way from the suffering of illness to the joy of healthfulness.

When I came to you for help I felt like I was a mess, and had questionable hope for myself. I was recovering from a concussion, dealing with severe Tinnitus, having strong withdrawals from a prescription drug, very overweight with high blood pressure, and dealing with other issues. In the time that I received healing from you, my head cleared up, my tinnitus improved about 70 percent (and still improving), I was eased through the entire drug withdrawal, my weight went down to a safe level, and my blood pressure went from 140 over 100 to 120 over 80 (verifiable through medical records).

I did not expect to experience so much healing with my whole body, mind, and spirit. You helped me go from hopelessness to empowerment and commitment to a lifelong path of holistic health with oriental medicine as an ongoing part of my well being.

Thank you again, and please know that you are held in my heart with the highest regard and appreciation. I wish for many others who are in need to also find their way to the gift of your healing. All the best to you and yours.*

Scott Ware

I am well on the mend…

I have been a patient of acupuncturist Steven Sonmore’s at Complete Oriental Medical Care for almost 4 yrs and I can attest that he has an amazing gift of healing. His compassionate approach combined with his intuitive feel for acupuncture & Traditional Chinese medicine make for an incredible transformative experience. He has helped me with everything from the infertility and debilitating pain of Asherman’s syndrome and endometriosis, to morning sickness, hormonal imbalances and anxiety.

There is a reason why you are reading this. Something lead you to Steven the same way I happened upon him four years ago. I am so very thankful that I made that first appointment. I’ve established a permanent place of help and healing with Steven and it is very comforting to know that no matter what comes my way, he will be there to help and heal. Thank you Steven! You are amazing!”*
Amy Stevens

I came to the clinic after hurting my back riding bike, trying to exercise and be healthy. Two days later I could hardly move. I had two protruding discs and a pinched sciatic nerve. With Steven’s expert care I am well on the mend. I am so glad I found Steven! Acupuncture is two treatments in one. You can meditate as well during your time having accupuncture. I highly recommend acupuncturist Steven Sonmore to anyone!*

Leah Stanek, Minneapolis, MN

I am feeling almost normal…

I’ve been seeing Steven Sonmore for over a month for trigeminal neuralgia 3 times a week. I suffered for 6 months not really knowing what I had. I saw 3 specialists and finally had my diagnosis. I am a researcher at heart and I knew that this was not a disease I wanted to have. The pain was so awful and I never knew what would set off a shock that would go from my nose to my eye to my forehead. The last specialist I saw gave me a prescription for gabapentin. After reading the pages of side effects that were possible, I decided to try acupuncture and I wanted to find the best person I could find. I feel Steven is that person.

I am feeling almost normal. Steven and his staff are very professional. This was the right decision for me and I highly recommend acupuncture for anyone who is suffering with this disease.

Patty Fee, Edina, MN

Getting me back to good health…

After recovering from pneumonia, my lungs and overall strength was still lagging, even after three months. I became very frustrated which led me to Complete Oriental Medical Care. I read all of the impressive reviews on Steven’s website and decided to give it a go. As each session passed I am feeling my cardio workouts improve, where as before I had no improvements for months. Also my strength training is returning back to normal and I about 75% through with the treatments. I am grateful to Steven and his expertise for getting me back to good health. I am much happier now that I’m back into my fitness training.*

Mike Casey

I am almost pain free…

Thank heavens for acupuncture Steven Sonmore style. I had excruciating terrible back pain. The doctor had come right out and told me that they didn’t know what else they could do for me. They had given up, and so had I. I honestly hurt so bad, I prayed to “just let me die.” As a last resort, I decided to try acupuncture. I had nothing to lose. After my 1st visit, I could feel some relief. I knew it helped, so I decided to go again. I honestly don’t know how it works, but I won’t argue with success. I am almost pain free and am confident that I’ll be rid of this rest of the pain soon. Thank you, Mr. Sonmore. You have given me my life back.*

Charles Krouch - Minneapolis, MN

I felt relief following my first treatment…

I came to Complete Oriental Medical Care having no previous experience with acupuncture and seeking relief from side effects due to cancer treatments and medications. I did not want to take additional medications to try to relieve the side effects, and other attempts had failed. I suffered from severe hot flashes, an aching neck and stiff joints. The symptoms interfered greatly with my work and home life.

I felt relief following my first treatment – the hot flashes immediately decreased in frequency and intensity. The hot flashes had been waking me up and keeping me awake throughout the night, but with treatment that rarely happens now. The aches have also greatly decreased, I have a greater range of motion, and I am much more comfortable. I am now able to sleep and can function during the day.

Thanks to Steven I’ve been able to manage the medication’s side effects and return to a more balanced life. I encourage anyone in a similar situation to seek relief through acupuncture.*

Satisfied Patient - Minneapolis, MN

Personalized care…

When I went to Steven Sonmore, I had raging and persistent symptoms from an entire body infection. I began acupuncture 2 times per week and was surprised to notice several symptoms disappeared after just two treatments and these symptoms have not returned. Other persistent symptoms became managed with additional treatments which boosted my entire immune system and increased the health of my internal organs. Steven is thorough, supportive and adapts treatments to target your symptoms at each visit, resulting in personalized care. I highly recommend Steven Sonmore as a licensed acupuncture practitioner.*

Eliza Schell - Minneapolis, MN

Expert care relived me of all of my pain…

Acupuncture is a real blessing for me. I suffered from chronic neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Steven’s expert care relived me of all of my pain and now I am free of the nagging pains that limited my life’s activities. I highly recommend Steven as an acupuncturist.*

Jennifer Pierquet, MPH

Cares deeply for his patients…

I’ve been treated by Steve for over 10 years. He’s helped me with a few different health issues. I believe he has a very thorough understanding of acupuncture and cares deeply for his patients.

Mark David, Eden Prairie, MN

I felt a shift in my energy…

I came to Steven Sonmore with a four week respiratory virus that left me depleted and discouraged. Within 6 hours after my first treatment I felt a shift in my energy. After another two treatments my cough was practically nonexistent. I followed through with his treatment plan – grateful to be coming back to health. His manner is professional and I find the treatments restful. I highly recommend acupuncture and Steven to those wanting healing without drugs.*

Kate Greenway - Minneapolis, MN

I had the GREATEST night of sleep…

I just wanted to pass on that after you treated me for my shoulder pain and hand numbness yesterday I had the GREATEST night of sleep than I have had in a week & a half! Didn’t wake up to pain or numbness even once. Thanks so much!*

Carrie Pfeiffer - Champlin, MN


Are you in pain? I mean incapacitating pain? I was. It took me ten minutes to get to the bathroom from my bedroom. I went to the doctor, and he gave me oxycodone for the pain. It made me funny in the head. It helped the pain but didn’t take it away. I was given a cat scan and an MRI and the results suggested surgery as the only real cure. I didn’t want to do that. The doctor said I could try an epidural shot to the spine. I knew it was not a pleasant experience but was willing to try. It didn’t help. My daughter suggested I try acupuncture. I tried one place for three treatments. They didn’t seem to work. She suggested I try another place. I did. I went to Complete Oriental Medicine Care with Steven Sonmore. He told me that acupuncture was not a quick fix and that it may take several treatments before I saw some positive results. I decided to make the commitment and signed up for twelve sessions. I saw some relief after about six treatments. That was enough to keep me going. And now after about fifteen treatments I am PAIN FREE. Yes, pain free. I am in a state of euphoria over this. I never thought it was possible after looking at the diagnosis of my back. I would definitely recommend acupuncture and Complete Oriental Medical Care if your want to be free of your back pain.*

Karen Krumpelmann - Apple Valley, MN

One of the best acupuncture practitioners…

Steven is one of the best acupuncture practitioners I have ever encountered. I value my health, and Steven added another dimension to my understanding of what good health means.*

Anita Cassard, Ph.D.

My headaches are controlled…

I’m thrilled to say that my headaches are controlled better than they have been in the last 4 years! I have given Steven’s cards to my neurologist today and he wanted me to let him know that he will be getting a lot of business from him.*

Linda Bergland

I have stopped smoking…

I was a committed one pack/day smoker for twenty-five years. But I was ready to quit and searched for the most effective approach. Having learned about Steven’s practice and unique approach, and researching acupuncture as an aide to quitting smoking, I placed myself in his capable hands for three sessions. I am a cynic and do not say his lightly: IT WORKS! No cravings, no anxiety, no patches or gum. I have stopped smoking. The treatments were painless and relaxing. If you’re ready to quit I cannot recommend Steven’s acupuncture treatment regimen highly enough.*

Jeff Carroll

Best relief I’ve had in 3 years…

Having chronic back pain since 2009 I was ready to try anything. Steven Sonmore is the ticket! He listened to my issues and worked to “fix” my broken parts. It has been successful. I am a believer in Steven’s acupuncture. His knowledge in his art surpassed my expectations. 4 weeks pain free is the best relief I’ve had in 3 years. I expect to have many more weeks of those exact results. Thank you Steven!*

Teresa Askew - Minneapolis, MN

Now I take no medication…

I started coming to Complete Oriental Medical Care after reading testimonials from other patients: I have been suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain for over 3 years. Past treatments, physical therapy and cortisone injections, were only short-term relief and very painful. Acupuncture is painless and has given me painless nights’ sleep and increased mobility. I used to take pain medication 3 to 5 days a week for pain and headaches. Now I take no medication. Thank you, Steven, for helping me be pain free.*

Jeanine Hill - Minneapolis, MN

I trust him…

There are three things I look for in a care provider, 1) That they work from their heart, not from the bottom line (payment), 2) have integrity and I trust them, and 3) success or progress in the care they are providing. I believe Steven operates from the heart, I trust him to be selective and personal with my health care needs, and I have seen progressive success with the most difficult case I brought to him. I highly recommend this gentle man to anyone who could use a little, or a lot of nurturing care.*

Sandra Drake - Inver Grove Height, MN

I felt noticeably stronger…

Three years ago I was at the height of my physical fitness. I ran, I lifted weights and ate healthy. Then, everything changed. Almost overnight I developed various musculoskeletal pains and immense fatigue. These symptoms became so debilitating that I had a difficult time just doing the basic everyday tasks of dressing and driving to work. I tried conventional medicine for a time, but my condition continued to get worse. It was clear to me and my wife, who is a nurse, that this approach wasn’t going to improve my condition.

About a year ago I discovered Steven Sonmore. He applied acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs and dietary supplements over several months. Later he suggested some dietary changes and introduced me to Qi Gong meditation. My body responded significantly to Steven’s holistic approach. The fatigue faded and week over week, I felt noticeably stronger. The pain has for the most part dissipated.*

Steve Lin - Andover, MN

It’s truly amazing…

I have suffered with bursitis in my hip for many years. The doctors just want to shoot it with cortisone and it was at my maximum number of shots. My last massage therapist couldn’t touch it.
Since I am heading out on a tour involving a lot of walking this summer. I was disparate, well, (now) my hip barely is noticeably and my lower back and neck now feel much better. This was so much better than I ever anticipated. I can not stop talking about it. My 89 year old mother and my sister are now also patients. It’s truly amazing.*

Susan Marsh - Minneapolis, MN

I feel great!

I decided to go with Steven’s Acupuncture Weight Control and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. He taught me what foods would be healthy to eat, put me on natural supplements and I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. And it wasn’t hard at all. The program has also taken care of other issues I was having like acid reflux, headaches and just not feeling well. I feel great!

I had no idea what acupuncture was or what it was about. The sessions are so relaxing I totally look forward to each one. I would recommend anyone looking for a good weight loss program to call and make the first appointment to talk to Steven about the program and what it can do for you. You’ll be amazed.*

Karen Pettit

Relieved all my pains…

I was extremely impressed with how you relieved all my pains. Since you worked on my back I have not had hardly any issues and it has been over three years! I continue to recommend you to all family and friends whenever they complain about any ongoing health issue. Thanks again for all you did to help me.*

Susie Exner VanBlaircom

I would recommend this practice to anyone…

I started seeing acupuncturist Steven Sonmore when I was diagnosed with mild IBS. To reduce the pain my only option was antidepressants – I wasn’t happy with that and decided to seek something else. After 4 weeks of acupuncture I am virtually pain free. I am happy that I found Steven at Complete Oriental Medical Care. I would recommend this practice to anyone seeking holistic care.*

LeAnna Siegfried - Minneapolis, MN

I feel better than anytime in the last ten years…

I have tried many treatments to help reduce my pain. The acupuncture I received from Steven has made me feel better than anytime in the last ten years.*

Greg Shaughnessy

Immediate relief…

After getting an infection in my mouth, my jaw was locked shut. For about six weeks we were sent from doctor to doctor only to hear there was nothing they could do to help me. I was suffering from horrible headaches that made it hard to function. After one treatment at Complete Oriental Medical Care I was given immediate relief I so terribly needed. I received two more treatments and the relief continued. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me.*

Fiona Woodward

All the tension and pain are gone…

For several years I had suffered with tightness in my face and throughout my neck and shoulder areas. I also had a specific spot at the base of my skull on the left side that was troublesome, especially when turning my head. After several years of chiropractic treatments that only brought temporary relief, I decided to give acupuncture a try and am so happy I did. After a series of 12 treatments over a four-week period my health is much improved, and I am feeling great. I’m relieved that all the tension and pain are gone.*

Mary A. - Burnsville, MN

My headaches are gone…

I began acupuncture out of desperation to relieve my headaches. Immediately after seeing Steven and receiving treatments my headaches were gone. This has been wonderful because I now can function normally again. I was also pleased with the other benefits of acupuncture, such as the relaxation and sense of well-being.*

Christina Boehm Carlson

I can lift my knee up without pain…

I’m highly satisfied with the level of care provided by Steven Sonmore. I came in with knee pain. I twisted my knee in December 2008 and had chiropractic care for most of 2008.  I decided to try another non-traditional approach to healing my knee – acupuncture. It’s a miracle I even made an appointment because I’m very needle phobic. And you know there are needles involved with acupuncture – so it was a leap of faith. I researched on the web for acupuncture locations close to my home and for recommended acupuncturists. I found complete Oriental Medical Care, read over the website and was impressed. I called, made an appointment and was greeted warmly by the office when I arrived.

I’ve had five treatments and my level of pain lessens with each treatment. I’m now able to stand on both feet without adjusting the position of my knee. I’m able to go up and down steps without holding on to both railings. I can lift my knee up to put on shoes without pain.

I’m recommending acupuncture to all my family, friends and co-workers. And those who live in the Twin Cities – I’m recommending Complete Oriental Medical Care.*

Susan Roberts

After my first treatment I could breathe and sleep better…

Medical doctors wanted to replace both my knees and both my shoulders — they hurt so bad that it was difficult to sleep. Basically all my joints hurt due to osteoarthritis AND I have osteoporosis. I was also in the middle of a respiratory event and couldn’t breathe. After my first treatment I could breathe and I slept better than I had in years. After acupuncture treatments it is less painful to walk daily and do my Wii workouts. I recently attended a conference that required extensive walking to get to the different sessions, and that went very well.*

Jo Ann Major

Extremely happy with all that he has done!

Actually I found Steven Sonmore on my computer on his website as I was looking to try acupuncture for my loss of taste and smell. I have been extremely happy with all that he has done! I am slowly regaining taste and smell plus I also had just sprained both ankles and he was able to work on that at the same time with excellent results. I will now be continuing on with my maintenance program. The acupuncture along with the Chinese herbs he recommended have done wonders for both conditions. Thank you!*

Mary Caye Carlson - Eagan, MN

I highly recommend acupuncture for any ailment…

I have been coming to Steven Sonmore since July 2009. He has treated me for many symptoms and helped with many issues my traditional Dr. could not help with. I would explain my painfully dry skin to my traditional Dr., who would tell me to use lotion. Lotion did not help. My skin was so dry it could not absorb the lotion. When I explained my predicament to Dr. Steven, he knew exactly what treatment I needed.

After a few weeks, my skin felt moisturized from the inside out. Now, when I apply lotion it soaks into and can nourish my skin. I also have sensitivity to wheat – Dr. Steven treated me a few times for digestion. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to enjoy a simple sandwich once in a while.

Recently, my childhood Chicken Pox virus re-surfaced as Singles. An appointment with traditional Dr. gave me steroids, and anti-viral but no hope of relief the excruciating pain flowing through my nerve channels. One appointment with Steven and my pain was cut in half. Another appointment brought relief by another half.

Steven Sonmore not only listens to what I have to say but understands what to do and how to treat my symptoms. I highly recommend acupuncture for any ailment and I highly recommend Steven Sonmore.*

Dorine Doyle King

My hand has far less pain…

I have had acupuncture in the past and Steven has far exceeded even the surprisingly good results I have had for joint problems in the past. My hand has far less pain. It took much less time that I was expecting to get this release. I am grateful for the powerful results I have achieved with Steven’s great care. Thank you.*

Douglas Owens-Pike

The anxiety is gone…

I came to Complete Oriental Medical Care with a history of chronic headaches and abdominal pain. I also was experiencing anxiety with low stamina. After my initial exam, Steven Sonmore told me, “I can help.” This was music to my ears.

I knew my health issues were not going to be a “quick fix”, but having a professional and listening practitioner who monitors you weekly as the effects of acupuncture take hold is hugely comforting. Slowly my body responded to the treatments. And now, after a dedicated 6 months, I am a new person. And I am grateful to Steven Sonmore. My stamina is back. The anxiety is gone. No more abdominal pain and only an occasional tension headache. Steven’s acupuncture is a miracle.*

J.A. - Minneapolis, MN

Thanks so much!!!

I came to Complete Oriental Medical Care seeking relief from moderate to severe Peripheral Neuropathy in my lower legs. I had been tested by neurologists for every medical reason for the neuropathy and all tests came back negative. My diagnosis from them was Idiopathic (undiagnosed) Peripheral Neuropathy. This occurs as we age and the only treatments for relief from pain-numbness are rather severe western medicines (anti-seizure drugs).

I decided to seek another form of treatment and thankfully found complete Oriental Medical Care. After the very first treatment from Steven I began to feel relief from the pain, numbness and burning-tingling in my lower legs. As an added bonus I experienced an overall sense of well-being and oneness with the world and myself!!

Steven’s vast knowledge and experience combined with his calm serene manner have made this a very rewarding experience leading to better health and a new convert to the power of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. His office is calm and peaceful, and those who work there are all welcoming, friendly and helpful. I will remain a patient and continue treatment with Steven as needed for this and any other medical issues. Thanks so much!!!*

David Person - Edina, MN

My range of motion has returned to normal…

I had a limited range of motion in my left arm due to severe sharp pains and muscle spasms in my upper back and shoulder area. Since acupuncture treatments with Steven Sonmore my range of motion has returned to normal. My muscles seem to be healing. I have also experienced numbness in my right foot. Since receiving acupuncture the frequency of this feeling has decreased as well as the severity. In addition to those problems I have tingling in my calves. This has also decreased in frequency and intensity since I started acupuncture. Following treatments I experience a feeling of great calmness.*

Janis Mayer

Made a HUGH difference in my life…

For over 5 years, I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain. On a level of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain and 0 being no pain) my pain was constantly at a 7 on the “good days.” After a few months of receiving acupuncture on a regular basis from Steven Sonmore this has made a HUGH difference in my life. One thing I am able to do now that I couldn’t do before is to turn my head enough to drive safely. That is something that most people take for granted. Thanks!*

Tara Varney

An excellent alternative to western medicine…

My initial goal was to have right shoulder pain in three places treated. Lap swimming in an outdoor municipal pool, exclusively during the summer, was probably the cause of these aggravations, especially so during the previous summer when I had put in a lot of laps than I have every done before. I have had physical therapy previously, but I never was completely pain free. By the end of about 14 treatments most of the pain was alleviated.

In the last treatments, I also asked him to treat tinnitus in my right ear, improve my lung function (I have been diagnosed with asthma), and alleviate sleep problems and a relativity small problem of urination at night. Somewhat to my surprise, all of these conditions were improved.

Steven did state that my shoulder problems would be “cured.” Halfway through my swim season, where I have slowly increased my laps, I have had no shoulder problems. Also, the improvement of the other conditions has not changed.

Steven and his staff have displayed high professionalism and have shown me that oriental medicine provides an excellent alternative to western medicine in many instances. I strongly recommend Complete Oriental Medical Care.*

David J.W. Goon - Minneapolis, M

I highly recommend Steven Sonmore…

I had never experienced acupuncture before and Steven Sonmore had the degree, background, and caring spirit that made me immediately feel comfortable with this type of treatment. He continues to adjust the care as needed and takes the time to listen and hear where you are in the healing process. I highly recommend Steven Sonmore and his genuine care for his patients.*

Jane Plank - Burnsville, M

I look forward to every visit…

My blood pressure was above normal and my doctor had prescribed pills. I didn’t want to go that route; pills just hide the cause and wouldn’t find the source of the problem. I had heard about acupuncture from a friend and decided to try it. I am so glad that I found Complete Oriental Medical Care and Steve Sonmore. Steven explained to me what was causing the problem and through acupuncture, herbs, and tea my blood pressure went down. As an unexpected bonus after each session I come away feeling so calm and centered and my sleep is deep and restful. I look forward to every visit and plan on making acupuncture a permanent part of my health care. I highly recommend Steven Sonmore and his staff to anyone looking for a drug free path to good health.*

Janet Felsing - Minneapolis, MN

Vastly improved…

Although I started seeing Steven Sonmore for another issue, I was delighted to find the arthritis in my knees, ankles and feet was no longer causing me hardly any problems. I had been having pain on a daily basis. Now it is vastly improved.*

Pat Larson

Pleasantly surprised with the results…

I have to admit I was skeptical but ended up being pleasantly surprised with the results. I’ve had low back issues for years off and on, and acupuncture seems to be taking away my chronic pain. I will and have recommended Steven Sonmore to others. I’m very glad I found acupuncture.*

Melissa Epplett - Minneapolis, MN

Within 2 treatments I started to regain the use of my arm…

I would like to say how pleased I was with the treatments I got from Steven. I am a working guitarist and was having severe pain and ultimately the loss of the full use of my left arm. Needless to say, this was a terrifying thing for me, because music is not only my livelihood but also a big part of my reason for living. Within 2 treatments I started to regain the use of my arm and with follow up treatments I have regained most of the strength I had lost. Thank you, Steven. All My Best.*

Scott Dercks, guitarist

Highly recommend Steven Sonmore…

I came to Steven Sonmore of Complete Oriental Medical Care after having a poor experience with another doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My personal health goal has been general wellness and cancer prevention after an earlier diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

After my first consultation with Steven, it was apparent that he had a depth and passion for this type of medicine that was unsurpassed. The ancient form of Chinese acupuncture he provides has been the most effective treatment I have ever received.

After I started to see Steven, he identified some issues with my immune function which led me to discover my breast cancer had returned. Now that I am in treatment and receiving chemotherapy for my second diagnosis of breast cancer, his care has been instrumental in my recovery. Any pain from surgery, or nausea issues I have had, have been treated with almost instant and lasting relief! Even my doctors have been surprised how pain free I have been! Chemotherapy has been very bearable with his treatment.

I also appreciate the amount of research Steven does before prescribing herbal formulas. When he does suggest something, he provides the patient with clinical information about the product. It has been very useful and informative for me and I have been able to bring this information to my doctors and oncologist. The herbal formulas Steven uses are only the highest quality.

I would highly recommend Steven Sonmore and Complete Oriental Medical Care for your good health.*

Vicki K. - St. Paul, MN

Pain free for almost two weeks!

I went to see Acupuncturist Steven Sonmore when I had the worse sciatic flare up since my second back surgery. To be honest, I had little faith that the nerve pain would go away, let alone the constant back pain that has been with me since 1995.

I am very happy to say I have been pain free for almost two weeks! I do not know how or why acupuncture works – It just does!!  Thanks a million!!*

SuzAnne Balzer - Minneapolis, MN

This is a great clinic…

I have a recurring problem with swelling above my knees. I came to the clinic and had an acupuncture session with Steven and the very next day was able to bend my knee and I feel much better. I have had two sessions and I have had great results! This is a great clinic to go to for all complaints! You get a very intense one on one session and I have received a great amount of information about my problem and great advice as to what kind of herbs to use! Thank you so very much!*

Connie Olson, vocalist

Steven immediately proved himself at problem solving…

After open heart surgery I began acupuncture with targeted massage. Steven immediately proved himself at problem solving areas of pain and inflammation not only from the surgery itself but also with other over worked areas and joints I had difficulties with for years.*

Daniel Dollif

He pays attention to details…

I was motivated and ready to try acupuncture and Chinese herbs to decrease my fatigue and body achiness/inflammation. I chose to see Steven Sonmore based upon the clear information on his website explaining his results-oriented approach and clear treatment plan. I have been pleased with his plan, explanations and results so far. He is timely, the office is homey, and he pays attention to details like making sure clients are warm and whether or not they want music during treatment.*

Marianne Carolan

I would definitely recommend…

A part of my healing for my lower back pain was acupuncture. I would definitely recommend acupuncture at Complete Oriental Medical Care for anyone with lower back pain.*

Karen Erickson - Minneapolis, MN

I found the sessions to be very relaxing…

I came to Complete Oriental Medical Care to relax and lower my blood pressure without more drugs. Steven Sonmore has great needle skills. I found the sessions to be very relaxing, particularly when I was also warmed by the lightweight blankets, which I love. And the service is very friendly.*

Karen Kepler - Golden Valley, MN

I love his virtual face lift…

I have been a patient of Steven’s for several years and have used acupuncture for a variety of issues. I always look forward to my acupuncture nap…it is the best! Steven is knowledgeable and effective in his treatments. I love his virtual face lift….check it out!*

BJ - Eden Prairie, MN

Highly competent…

I chose Complete Oriental Medical Care because I was tired of taking drugs that caused side effects and did nothing to cure my problem. I believe in surgery only in life-threatening situations. Mr. Sonmore and his staff are competent and satisfy my needs for back problems and sinus.*

Ramon Enz - Minneapolis, MN

I am energized, and much more relaxed…

Dear Steven, Since I’ve been seeing you for acupuncture treatments I have a better grasp on how emotions and the body interact. You’ve introduced me to the concepts of chi, meridians, and energy flows. I better understand how anger, depression, and sadness manifest themselves in the organs and how acupuncture can help restore the mind-body balance. Over the last few weeks of treatment, I have regained a balanced outlook on life. I am energized, and I’m much more relaxed. Life is better!*


Not a typical practitioner…

Steven is extremely knowledgeable and is not a typical practitioner. He has studied all over the world learning his craft. Steven will treat whatever ails you. Here’s what I have worked on with him:

  • Persistent cough–never went away…Steven kicked it with one point! I don’t cough anymore!
  • Low back pain–has brought relief to my low back.
  • Nerve pain–not sure how to describe this, but you know how some days you just wake up and something really hurts? He’ll get rid of it. My hands, neck, knees, and head have benefited from this.
  • Stress–helped work thru stress and feel balanced.
  • Sleep–evened out my sleep cycle.
  • Stomach–terrible indigestion and heart burn (to the point where I couldn’t work out and had trouble sleeping) averted!

These are just the things I remember from the past year of working with Steve. If you want the real deal in acupuncture, go see him!*

John L. - Minneapolis, MN

I had no idea that acupuncture could be so effective…

Dear Steven, I had no idea that acupuncture could be so effective for a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis that has the potential to be so devastating. I am spreading the word about how well this treatment works with everyone I know. But should you have anyone who would like to talk to me about my experience – please have them contact me. I can be reached at [email protected]. Thanks so much for your great care, too.*

Lynn Arbo

My allergy and asthma problems have decreased substantially…

Dear Steven, I want to thank you for all the help you have given me with my allergies and asthma. Since we started my allergy and asthma problems have decreased substantially. I took allergy shots every other week for thirty years and they helped but my improvement was very slow. I have now seen you for two years and my allergy problems have decreased significantly and quickly.

I go and see my physician once a year and he gives me two different breathing tests. Each of these have shown a significant improvement in lung capacity and the speed with which my breath flows. As a person gets older, the test results usually go in the opposite direction. Thanks again for your good care.*

R.Y. - Minneapolis, MN

Very knowledgeable…

I have been going to Steven Sonmore for about three months now. He has always been very knowledgeable when it comes to my needs. He always asks how I am feeling and changes the treatment when he needs to. I would recommend Steven for people with pain, or those that just want to get healthy.*

Adam Fleitman - Richfield, MN

Exactly what I was looking for…

Did everything professionally and was exactly what I was looking for.*

Michael Altrichter

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