John was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in 2017. But today at age 64, on May 10th of 2018, he was so happy to hand over a medical report to me that revealed he is cancer free!

Actually, he came to see me because of his wife’s amazing recovery from kidney cancer in 2005 that I addressed with targeted acupuncture treatments.

13 years ago, John’s wife was diagnosed with kidney cancer and decided to have a tumor removed surgically. While she was waiting for the operation, she asked me for alternative cancer-care treatments. Though only five treatments were performed before her surgery, her surgeon found something unbelievable and told her: “The cancer tumor is as big as a 1 pound loaf of bread, but the tissue around the tumor was healthy tissue.”

She firmly believes that my targeted acupuncture treatment must have had an effect on the large tumor. She lives 1 hour drive away from my clinic, but she continued her cancer care treatment for months after her surgery. After her condition has stabilized, she went to another acupuncturist nearby. But when her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, she said to John: “We have a critical condition here, I know that we have to have Steven work on you.”

For prostate cancer patients, the PSA, an index of prostate health is usually higher than 4. John’s first lab test was 5.69 on Dec. 30 of 2016. Since then he had been treated with conventional and aggressive western medicine. But seven months later, the index reached to 6.96, even higher from his second test on July 28th of 2017.

It was October 12th of 2017 when John came for his first alternative cancer treatment in my clinic. I gave him a Chinese pulse diagnosis. Then performed acupuncture plus Chinese herbal treatment. About seven months later, he received great news! The lab test indicated the PSA was 0.13.  See below:

I feel great, too when patients I have treated finally are cancer free!



In October of 2017 I was diagnosed as having aggressive prostate cancer by the doctors at the VA Medical Center. My wife and I decided that we wanted to battle this cancer using multiple tools. Besides the standard western medicine tools (used by the VA doctors) of radiation and hormone therapy, we settled on Steven Sonmore and his Oriental Medical Care practice. We chose Steven because he had treated my wife with acupuncture when she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. His treatments were very supportive in her fight. In my case, I started with multiple acupuncture treatments weekly over several months. Also during that time Steven prescribed an oriental herbal mixture to strengthen and support my treatment. I feel that his acupuncture and herbal mixture were major contributors to my remission diagnosis in May of 2018. Steven’s treatments also helped alleviate many of the side effects of my other treatments such as dizziness, headaches and pain. I highly recommend Steven and his Complete Oriental Medical Care practice.



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