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Would you like to kick that nasty habit? You know, the one that costs you money, shortens your life, and gives you foul breath that turns off your girlfriend. Most people that smoke actually want to give up the habit. They know deep down inside that they are not doing their bodies a favor by smoking. And their friends and families will be thankful for not having to breath their second hand smoke.

OK, so now you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking. Congratulations, that is the first step. How are you going to do it? Well, you could use the patch. But why put more nicotine back into your body? Isn’t something wrong with that picture? I mean, isn’t the whole idea to get the NICOTINE OUT of YOUR BODY?

How Does The Quit Smoking Today Acupuncture Program Work?

Our Quit Smoking Today Acupuncture program works first by DETOXIFYING your body of the nicotine. So, unlike the patch, it is taking nicotine out of your body instead of putting it back in.

Second, using acupuncture to stop smoking helps you to RELAX. It is interesting to note that I’ve done Quit Smoking Today Seminars and at each one I’ve asked participants why they smoke. All – and I mean all of them say “To relax.” Well folks, this is a method that you can NATURALLY use to relax WITHOUT SMOKING.

Acupuncture balances your nervous system. Too often with our fast paced lifestyles our bodies are keyed into our “fight or flight” response. This is where your adrenals are pumping, your breathing is more rapid and shallow, your heart is beating faster, and your digestion is more incomplete. Acupuncture helps your body naturally tune into your RELAXATION RESPONSE. This is where you’re heart is beating more slowly and evenly, your breathing is deeper, more full and relaxed, and your digestion is more complete. Obviously, this state of being is healthier and a lot more fun isn’t it?

Thirdly, acupuncture ELIMINATES your CRAVINGS for tobacco. The Quit Smoking Today Acupuncture Program is a series of 3 treatments utilizing special ear points for ADDICTION ELIMINATION. Chinese herbs are also prescribed to aid your transition into a healthier state. Now won’t life be more fun when you desire exercise and healthy food instead of putting smoke inside your precious lungs? And think of the extra money that you will have by not smoking. Isn’t it time that you decided to be healthier, live longer and enjoy life more?

After smoking for over 45 years, as much as 2 packs per day, and trying many different methods to quit, including Zyban, and Chantix, I had no success. I researched the acupuncture process and the idea behind it. To be honest; prior to my treatment, I had little belief, and doubted it would work.

Before I committed, Steven explained what would happen during the treatments in detail. The morning of the first treatment I smoked up to the time I went into his office. Once started, I was surprised that there was no pain with the process. I actually felt relaxed after all the needles were in. I left office thinking in a short time, the old urge would come back, but it didn’t. As the day went on, there were only short periods of even thinking about smoking. I continued the remaining treatments, and the thoughts of smoking actually became less frequent, as time passed.

I have been smoke free for over 10 months, I can tolerate being around other smokers, and it gets easier every day. I remain the same weight as when I started, despite all the talk I heard over the years on how I would put on weight after I quit smoking. I now have confidence in acupuncture. My blood pressure has been normal since the treatments, and in general I feel better all around health wise.

Since the treatments, I have and will continue to recommend acupuncture at Complete Oriental Medical Care for quitting smoking. Steven Sonmore is an acupuncturist that is knowledgeable, and takes great care in his practice and treatments, I will always recommend him, and for any of the other health problems he treats.”

Dennis Ikola – St. Louis Park, MN

In just 3 acupuncture treatments over a 10 day period you can quit smoking and transition into a healthier state. The Quit Smoking Today Acupuncture Program sells for only $495. PLUS you’ll receive a free herbal consultation. AND you’ll receive special report filled with 70 powerful Quit Smoking Tips.* Call 952-831-8080 to schedule your first treatment or go to our contact page now.

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