Migraine Pain Elimination With Acupuncture

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 Acupuncture Surpasses Drug Therapy for Migraines

Have you or a loved one suffered from migraine headaches? Then you know how devastating the chronic pain can be. Maybe you’ve wondered how acupuncture therapy stacks up compared to conventional drug therapy in the effective treatment of migraines.

The National Headache Foundation states that approximately 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches each year. Causative factors include environmental and physical factors, allergens, diet, stress, menstruation and changes in the weather. Migraines can last from a few minutes to several days. This may leave the person suffering from an attack completely incapacitated.

These potentially lethal headaches are one the leading causes of missed time from work. Roughly 157 million workdays are lost each year by migraine sufferers. Four billion dollars a year is spent on pain relievers for migraines and other headaches and many of these drugs do not work as desired or simply mask the root cause.

In one of the largest studies of its kind to date, a team of researchers looked at the effectiveness of acupuncture verses a variety of drug therapies in treating migraines. The results, published in The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine showed that patients treated with acupuncture experienced fewer migraines, suffered no side effects, and missed fewer days from work. The researchers also found that acupuncture is more cost effective. Acupuncture improved the symptoms of migraine without aura significantly more than any type of pharmacological therapy.

End Your Migraine Pain Forever

When you get treated here at Complete Oriental Medical Care, migraine acupuncture therapy involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points located on the extremities. Acupuncture point selection varies from person to person based on their traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. This diagnosis is determined through a thorough medical history and physical examination including an examination of the patient’s tongue and pulse. Using this information the acupuncturist is able to develop an acupuncture treatment plan, as well as suggestions for herbal or dietary therapies.

At our Minneapolis clinic we use a pain rating system of 0-10 with 0 being no pain and 10 being the highest. Patients have come in with migraines that they rate as a #8. Five minutes after the needles are inserted that pain level can often come down to a #2 level. Often when the patient leaves our clinic the pain is gone. To relieve your migraines call 612-866-4000 or visit our contact page now.

I was referred to Steven Sonmore from my neurologist. I was having recurring migraines. I would wake four to five times a week with a migraine and it was getting hard to manage my life. I was a huge skeptic and was thinking I would just be wasting my time and this was not going to be fore me. Well, my life has been given back to me thanks to Steven. It is a calming place and I am so happy with my results. I will be forever grateful for the advice I got from my neurologist and to Steven Sonmore for making me a believer!”

Kathy Bystedt

I’m thrilled to say that my headaches are controlled better than they have been in the last 4 years! I have given Steven’s cards to my neurologist today and he wanted me to let him know that he will be getting a lot of business from him.”

Linda Bergland – Minneapolis, MN

Tired of Agonizing Migraine Pain?

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