TMJ Relief With Acupuncture Treatments In Minneapolis

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TMJ acupuncture treatment MinneapolisDo you or a loved one suffer from TMJ or Temporomadibular Joint Disorder? Do you grind your teeth at night (a condition called bruxism) only to wake up in pain the next morning? Do you have pain in your jaw, face, neck and/or shoulders? If so, you may be one of many who suffer from TMJ Disorder or TMD.

What Causes Jaw Pain?

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ) The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the area where the jaw and skull connect at a ball and socket hinge in front of the ears. This joint controls chewing and talking so it is one of the most frequently used joints in your body. TMJ can be caused by:

• Grinding or clenching teeth (often at night)
• Head or face injuries
• Displacement of disc between jawbone and socket
• Arthritis

Research Shows Acupuncture Offers TMJ Relief

Research at the Ribeirão Preto Dental School at São Paulo University in Brazil found after 3 months of acupuncture treatments that patients with TMJ experienced significant pain relief, increased strength of their bite and decreased EMG activity of the masticatory muscles.

17 patients were studied using acupuncture points for TMJ. EMG measures were acquired before and after the treatment. The data collected at rest, protrusion, left and right laterality and clenching were normalized by maximum voluntary contraction.

As a leading acupuncture clinic in the Minneapolis area, we use some of the most effective treatments to treat your jaw pain, eliminate headaches and associated symptoms. After an initial consultation where we diagnose your TMJ, we use a special acupuncture treatment to relax your jaw, face and neck muscles. Imagine your tension melting away while you rest comfortably.

If you need relief from TMJ problems and live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Twin Cities area be sure to sign up for our newsletter here. And call our friendly receptionist at 952-831-8080 to set up your first acupuncture treatment for TMJ. Or go to our Contact Page now.

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