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Weight loss is now a popular health subject in China. Through out time China has enjoyed a reputation for having a population that is usually not overweight or obese. However with the increase of Western fast food invading their culture many Chinese are having weight problems.

If you visit China, you might be amazed at how many fast food chain restaurants exist there now. If you walk inside one you will see them p­­­­­­­­acked with Chinese teenagers with bad complexions from eating greasy, fast food. Unfortunately many Chinese have traded in their healthy, traditional Asian diet for life in the fast lane. And now they’re paying the price. Some Chinese parents are checking their children into TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) weight reduction clinics.

These clinics focus on weight loss using acupuncture, dietary therapy and Chinese herbs. They educate patients to adopt a health lifestyle.

But the truth is you do not have to travel to the other side of the world to lose weight using acupuncture. At our Minneapolis acupuncture clinic we treat weight loss naturally daily.

The Acupuncture Weight Control offered at our Minneapolis Acupuncture clinic is an effective method for making it easier to lose weight and maintain that loss.

The Acupuncture Weight Control includes 10 sessions with dietary recommendations. Call us at 952-831-8080 to schedule your first appointment. Visit our Acupuncture Weight Loss page here. Or go to our contact page now.

About the author: For more than 24 years Steven Sonmore helped people transform health problems into solutions for attaining better health. Steven is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and a certified instructor by Health Preservation Association. He maintains an active practice in Minneapolis, MN.


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