Why Acupuncturists Look At Your Tongue

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Why do licensed acupuncturists look at your tongue? Well, the condition of your health can be instantly summed up with this indispensable diagnostic tool. Things like poor digestion, insomnia, edema and internal organ dysfunction can be quickly detected. Chinese tongue diagnosis has been employed as far back as 1066 B.C.

Tongue Color

The tongue color reflects the condition of a person. A healthy tongue should look pink, not too red and not too pale. In Chinese medicine we diagnose in climatic terms, so is a person hot, cold, dry or damp? Redness would indicate heat or inflammation. A pale tongue could indicate cold, or Qi (vital life energy) deficiency or blood deficiency. Tongue diagnosis is used to determine the best Chinese herbs suitable for a patient to improve their health probems.

Organ Zones On the Tongue

There are also certain zones on the tongue that correspond to major organs. The tip corresponds to heart, the sides are associated with liver, the middle is stomach and spleen. The rear of the tongue is intestines and kidneys. Often in our clinic we will see redness in the heart area which may indicate insomnia. Or redness on the sides show a problem with the liver. This pattern is seen often with people under a great deal of stress, headaches and neck and shoulder tension.

Moisture of the Tongue

We also look for the wetness or dryness of the tongue. If a pale tongue is also dry, it is blood deficiency. This is more common in women. Symptoms may manifest as dizziness,  poor memory, insomnia and scanty periods. If the tongue is pale and wet, it is deficient yang which manifests as feeling cold, poor appetite, bloating, loose stools and/or fatigue.

If the area around the edges of the tongue are swollen and the body of the tongue is puffy with teeth marks on the sides, then the person is retaining water.

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