Destress With Acupuncture in Edina MN

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acupuncture stress reliefOur Edina Acupuncture clinic has a great solution for you. Has life been wearing you down? Have you been short on sleep with way too much stress? Are your muscles tight? Do you suffer occasional headaches? Join us here to experience an Acupuncture Stress Reduction session that will change your life!

And if you’ve been squeamish about needles don’t worry. These are hair thin needles that are placed on the arms and legs using specific points that can transform the way you feel. And you don’t even have to undress. This treatment is personally designed by our Licensed Acupuncturist to treat your specific health condition.

Your Acupuncture Stress Reduction treatment will:

  • Lower Stress
  • Alleviate Anxiety
  • Rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit

Read our many testimonials by our satisfied patients.

If you know a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone who could also use relief from their stressful life just bring them along.

Reserve your time before it fills up! Call 952-831-8080. Or fill out our contact form.

Complete Oriental Medical Care
7400 Metro Blvd. #280
Edina, MN 55439

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