COVID-19 Holistic Telehealth Consults

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Do you want to stay well and avoid the new virus? You can stay in the safety of your home and do a telehealth consult by phone or video. We now offer Flu Prevention Formulas that we prescribe for clients, based on their individual diagnosis. So instead of a one size fits all like Western medicine does, Chinese medicine is unique in that each person may get a different prescription. The Flu Prevention Formulas boost the “wei Qi” or defensive energy of your body to fight off pathogens. We are always exposed to bacteria and viruses. However, if the strength of your immune system is sufficient enough it will do battle with the enemy and win.

Based on my extensive Chinese medicine training and following what is currently being used in China for prevention and treatment of COVID-19, we can mail out a preventative formula to you following a 45-minute telehealth consultation. Your consultation includes Chinese tongue diagnosis, extensive health history, Chinese herbal and lifestyle recommendations.

If you do have flu symptoms and have to stay home, your symptoms can be greatly alleviated with custom herbal formulas. And your prescription can be mailed out to you next day priority.

These granular herbs are checked for purity, safety and potency by following standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

A team of experts in chemistry, microbiology, and Chinese medicine has checked that all herbs that we use to prescribe are high quality, safe and effective. And it is always safer to receive a proper diagnosis first so your practitioner can prescribe the most appropriate, effective formula for you.

Schedule your herbal telehealth consultation today. Your prescription will be shipped next day priority to you. Click on teleheath consult.

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