Announcing Wellness Course That Transforms Your Health & Life

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Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, moodiness or general malaise? Have you packed on a few extra pounds while “staying at home?” Do you want to boost your immune system to be the absolute strongest to protect against viruses?

I’ve put together a special 6 week online course called the THT Bootcamp  destined to change all that. As a bonus I’ve included my:

·  Qigong Meditation, a guided meditation that uses the Taoist inner smile and guides you to direct healing energy into your internal organs. Formerly sold as a CD now as a convenient download.

·  How to program your mind for success.

·  Tibetan Longevity exercises.

·  How to systematically use the right foods, lose weight, live longer, healthier and feel great!

·  Clear out unwanted stress and anxiety without relying on medications.

THT stands for Total Health Transformation.

Finally, a Wellness Program That Transforms Your Health and Life From the Inside Out.

Learn how to thrive in these trying times. Get an amazing online library of personal development. Exactly what you need to clear out stress, & anxiety during this time.

Sign up now before the price goes up! The Total Health Transformation Bootcamp.




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