Happy Winter Solstice 2020

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acupuncture edina mnCongratulations you made it! Although this is the shortest day of the year, from here on out, the days are getting longer. A cheerful thought indeed. This signifies a turning point!

In winter everything lies dormant in our silent earth. It is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the awakening and the slow build toward brighter days.

In 2020, the December solstice comes on December 21 at 4:02 a.m. CST. It’s when the sun on our sky reaches its farthest southward point for the year. At this solstice, the Northern Hemisphere has its shortest day and longest night of the year. December 21st, 2020 is the perfect day to visualize what you wish to attract, and what you wish for the world.

Winter, the season of the Water Element, is the season for slowing down, reflecting, and conserving our resources. We all feel this tendency, but we don’t always listen to our bodies.  In Western culture, being active is rewarded and expected. We feel compelled to keep up the hectic pace that is typical in our daily lives.

According to Chinese medicine winter is associated with your kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands and the time of year when these organs are most active, accessible, and even vulnerable. They are more receptive to being restored, nurtured, and energized. At the same time, it is also when they can become easily depleted.

Your kidneys receive a specific amount of energy at the time of our conception that will carry each of us through our lives, called Jing Qi or Essence.  Imagine for a minute that your kidneys are like batteries. Batteries that have come from the shop with a limited amount of charge. These unfortunately are not the rechargeable type of battery. Jing Qi is the energy stored in our kidneys. Your body and mind pull from this reserve in times of change, healing, and stress. Every action we take draws on this power supply.

Some people can easily deplete their Jing Qi due to poor lifestyle choices, extreme stress, loss of sleep and extreme emotions.  Others preserve it by nurturing it with the right foods and behaviors. Jing Qi is finite. The more we use it, the less we will have for necessary body functioning. Every day our kidneys filter blood and other body fluids, remove toxins from the liver, and our bladder collects, processes, and excretes these liquids through the urine.

Keep in mind, stimulants such as caffeine deplete the kidneys, and rob us of our ability to know how we really feel.  If your body needs rest and sleep, caffeine consumption will make you unaware of this fact, thus causing you to ignore your body’s needs.  This can then contribute to the unnecessary depletion of your Jing Qi. We will have less need to draw on deep reservoir of energy and be healthier, with more pep when we eat, rest, and breathe better to replenish our renewable sources of energy. Now is the perfect time to recharge your internal kidney batteries. Acupuncture, and Chinese herbs are wonderful ways for you to recharge and energize!

3 Indicators You Need a Tune-Up

Here is a list of three signs indicating that you should immediately come in for an acupuncture tune-up at our Edina clinic. Both your body and mind will thank you for getting tuned up as soon as possible.

Chronic Back and Neck Pain

If you experience chronic back and neck pain, it is highly recommended to come in and receive acupuncture. Back pain is one of the leading reasons that people seek out acupuncture. So if your neck or back are bothering you, it is time you sought out acupuncture.

Trouble Sleeping

Acupuncture is a great cure for those who have trouble sleeping. If you experience restlessness, tiredness, or overall fatigue you might try acupuncture. Acupuncture improves your body’s functions and promotes overall health due to the needling of specific acupuncture points on the body. Try acupuncture to improve the sleep problems you are currently experiencing.

Digestive Problems

A healthy digestive system is important to living an active, healthy, and worry-free lifestyle. In order to maintain a high-functioning digestive system it is important that the whole body has a smooth and consistent flow of energy. Acupuncture will help regulate this and promote a smooth flow throughout the entire body, in turn alleviating the symptoms of poor digestive function.

Book your appointment now about that health issue you’ve been ignoring because you haven’t had the time. Call 952-831-8080 or go to https://orientalmedcare.com/contact/ .

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