5 Tips For Anxiety Self Care

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Slow your breath – Sounds simple but this is the most important first step because slow, paced deep breathing has the power to control your emotions.
Rub your low back – There are some important kidney acupuncture points located in this area. Kidneys are important for anxiety care because they house what Chinese medicine calls the Zhi – one’s will, ambition, purpose, and destiny. So do a nice brisk rub on your lower back!
Spend some time in nature – Restore your sense of safety and belonging by being in nature. In our fast-paced society we can easily get disconnected and forget we are part of nature.
Reach out to friends and family – Another way to achieve a sense of security is connecting to friends or family. People in our lives that feel like our “tribe.”
Make a cup of tea – trade in your cup of coffee for some chamomile tea, a wonderful tea flower that has calming properties.

If you need help with anxiety relief call our Edina acupuncture clinic at 952-831-8080 or reach us here.

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