Acupuncture Enhances Nitric Oxide Generation

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acupuncture enhances nitric oxide generation

The above graphic shows in detail some of the amazing benefits of acupuncture.

One interpretation of the Chinese word Qi is vital air. The ancient Chinese understood that vital air (oxygen) absorbed into the blood supply via the lungs was necessary to activate nutrients and defensive substances (immune system). This makes perfect sense when reading the following:

“Recent evidence shows that nitric oxide (NO) level is elevated in the acupoints/meridians and is associated with an enhanced expression of NO synthase endowed with transient receptor potential vanilloid type-1. There is growing evidence from international groups showing that acupuncture induces NO-mediated vasodilatation, which increases local blood flow and allows for a flush of algesic or sensitizing substances, leading to pain relief.”  Reference: National Institute of Health,  Sheng-xing M[Author]

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