Discover Better Sleep with Acupuncture

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This short video is just one testimonial to the success of our insomnia relief acupuncture treatments.

Almost all of us have had a restless night’s sleep. Hard to get to sleep, hard to stay asleep, and then wake up feeling tired. Luckily our Edina acupuncture clinic has a natural remedy that works for insomnia and sleep disorders. Acupuncture & Chinese medicine can help you to relax, let go and chill out.

Our acupuncture clinic offers a special type of acupuncture that turns off the fight or flight responses that interfere with your deep sleep. This treatment activates your relaxation response or parasympathetic nervous system. So your heartbeat is more regular, breathing is deeper, muscles are relaxing. Get the picture? Now you’re chill.

“Best night of sleep in a long time…”

“Best night of sleep in a long time – after seeing Steven Sonmore yesterday! Thank you Steven for always being able to help me address my sleep issues and for your pinpoint precision in resolving my aches and pains.”  Karen David, patient at Complete Oriental Medical Care

It’s true we hear some snoring at our clinic because the treatments are so relaxing. Discover the solution that will turn your sleep around not only for the better, but for sweet dreams.

Schedule today by calling 952-831-8080 or go to our contact page.

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