I have had high blood pressure for nearly three years. An Internal Medicine (IM) physician prescribed 10 mg of an Ace Inhibitor which gave me an extreme dry cough. Next was a Calcium Channel Blocker with side affects of swollen feet, ankles, and legs. My physician mentioned giving me another medication to help that situation. That’s when I knew without a doubt I was on the wrong path. I wanted healing not to keep covering up symptoms and having side affects upon side affects. I began my investigation of alternative healing and found Steven Sonmore and acupuncture. The night before my initial evaluation and treatment by Steven, my blood pressure spiked up to 150/128. My entire internal system was racing, my chest /breathing felt heavy and I felt terrible. Steven’s diagnose and first treatment, hit the bulls eye. During this treatment, I began to feel a calm that was missing for a long time. After the treatment, I felt so uplifted, happy, and calm. All natural. I left saying this was “delicious.” I had my second treatment and a day later my blood pressure was 115/69. Fantastic results. I also take the Chinese herbs Steven recommends. My energy level is very good. I have not felt this good in three years. I am on my way to excellent, natural health. Happy and healthy.

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