My initial goal was to have right shoulder pain in three places treated. Lap swimming in an outdoor municipal pool, exclusively during the summer, was probably the cause of these aggravations, especially so during the previous summer when I had put in a lot of laps than I have every done before. I have had physical therapy previously, but I never was completely pain free. By the end of about 14 treatments most of the pain was alleviated.

In the last treatments, I also asked him to treat tinnitus in my right ear, improve my lung function (I have been diagnosed with asthma), and alleviate sleep problems and a relativity small problem of urination at night. Somewhat to my surprise, all of these conditions were improved.

Steven did state that my shoulder problems would be “cured.” Halfway through my swim season, where I have slowly increased my laps, I have had no shoulder problems. Also, the improvement of the other conditions has not changed.

Steven and his staff have displayed high professionalism and have shown me that oriental medicine provides an excellent alternative to western medicine in many instances. I strongly recommend Complete Oriental Medical Care.*

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