Dear Mr. Sonmore, Thank you for helping me deeply change my reality of health. My healing sessions with you have been an integral part of my recovery and well being. You helped me find my way from the suffering of illness to the joy of healthfulness.

When I came to you for help I felt like I was a mess, and had questionable hope for myself. I was recovering from a concussion, dealing with severe Tinnitus, having strong withdrawals from a prescription drug, very overweight with high blood pressure, and dealing with other issues. In the time that I received healing from you, my head cleared up, my tinnitus improved about 70 percent (and still improving), I was eased through the entire drug withdrawal, my weight went down to a safe level, and my blood pressure went from 140 over 100 to 120 over 80 (verifiable through medical records).

I did not expect to experience so much healing with my whole body, mind, and spirit. You helped me go from hopelessness to empowerment and commitment to a lifelong path of holistic health with oriental medicine as an ongoing part of my well being.

Thank you again, and please know that you are held in my heart with the highest regard and appreciation. I wish for many others who are in need to also find their way to the gift of your healing. All the best to you and yours.*

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