I came to Steven Sonmore of Complete Oriental Medical Care after having a poor experience with another doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My personal health goal has been general wellness and cancer prevention after an earlier diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

After my first consultation with Steven, it was apparent that he had a depth and passion for this type of medicine that was unsurpassed. The ancient form of Chinese acupuncture he provides has been the most effective treatment I have ever received.

After I started to see Steven, he identified some issues with my immune function which led me to discover my breast cancer had returned. Now that I am in treatment and receiving chemotherapy for my second diagnosis of breast cancer, his care has been instrumental in my recovery. Any pain from surgery, or nausea issues I have had, have been treated with almost instant and lasting relief! Even my doctors have been surprised how pain free I have been! Chemotherapy has been very bearable with his treatment.

I also appreciate the amount of research Steven does before prescribing herbal formulas. When he does suggest something, he provides the patient with clinical information about the product. It has been very useful and informative for me and I have been able to bring this information to my doctors and oncologist. The herbal formulas Steven uses are only the highest quality.

I would highly recommend Steven Sonmore and Complete Oriental Medical Care for your good health.*

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