Three years ago I was at the height of my physical fitness. I ran, I lifted weights and ate healthy. Then, everything changed. Almost overnight I developed various musculoskeletal pains and immense fatigue. These symptoms became so debilitating that I had a difficult time just doing the basic everyday tasks of dressing and driving to work. I tried conventional medicine for a time, but my condition continued to get worse. It was clear to me and my wife, who is a nurse, that this approach wasn’t going to improve my condition.

About a year ago I discovered Steven Sonmore. He applied acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs and dietary supplements over several months. Later he suggested some dietary changes and introduced me to Qi Gong meditation. My body responded significantly to Steven’s holistic approach. The fatigue faded and week over week, I felt noticeably stronger. The pain has for the most part dissipated.*

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