I came to Complete Oriental Medical Care having no previous experience with acupuncture and seeking relief from side effects due to cancer treatments and medications. I did not want to take additional medications to try to relieve the side effects, and other attempts had failed. I suffered from severe hot flashes, an aching neck and stiff joints. The symptoms interfered greatly with my work and home life.

I felt relief following my first treatment – the hot flashes immediately decreased in frequency and intensity. The hot flashes had been waking me up and keeping me awake throughout the night, but with treatment that rarely happens now. The aches have also greatly decreased, I have a greater range of motion, and I am much more comfortable. I am now able to sleep and can function during the day.

Thanks to Steven I’ve been able to manage the medication’s side effects and return to a more balanced life. I encourage anyone in a similar situation to seek relief through acupuncture.*

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