I have been coming to Steven Sonmore since July 2009. He has treated me for many symptoms and helped with many issues my traditional Dr. could not help with. I would explain my painfully dry skin to my traditional Dr., who would tell me to use lotion. Lotion did not help. My skin was so dry it could not absorb the lotion. When I explained my predicament to Dr. Steven, he knew exactly what treatment I needed.

After a few weeks, my skin felt moisturized from the inside out. Now, when I apply lotion it soaks into and can nourish my skin. I also have sensitivity to wheat – Dr. Steven treated me a few times for digestion. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to enjoy a simple sandwich once in a while.

Recently, my childhood Chicken Pox virus re-surfaced as Singles. An appointment with traditional Dr. gave me steroids, and anti-viral but no hope of relief the excruciating pain flowing through my nerve channels. One appointment with Steven and my pain was cut in half. Another appointment brought relief by another half.

Steven Sonmore not only listens to what I have to say but understands what to do and how to treat my symptoms. I highly recommend acupuncture for any ailment and I highly recommend Steven Sonmore.*

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