I came to Complete Oriental Medical Care seeking relief from moderate to severe Peripheral Neuropathy in my lower legs. I had been tested by neurologists for every medical reason for the neuropathy and all tests came back negative. My diagnosis from them was Idiopathic (undiagnosed) Peripheral Neuropathy. This occurs as we age and the only treatments for relief from pain-numbness are rather severe western medicines (anti-seizure drugs).

I decided to seek another form of treatment and thankfully found complete Oriental Medical Care. After the very first treatment from Steven I began to feel relief from the pain, numbness and burning-tingling in my lower legs. As an added bonus I experienced an overall sense of well-being and oneness with the world and myself!!

Steven’s vast knowledge and experience combined with his calm serene manner have made this a very rewarding experience leading to better health and a new convert to the power of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. His office is calm and peaceful, and those who work there are all welcoming, friendly and helpful. I will remain a patient and continue treatment with Steven as needed for this and any other medical issues. Thanks so much!!!*

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