Trigeminal Neuralgia

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A Case Study: Highly Stressed Woman with Facial Pain

Trigeminal NeuralgiaPatient was a 52 year old female. She came to our Minneapolis acupuncture clinic with excruciating facial pain on her left side. Her pain was at a level #8 on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the highest, 0 being no pain). She worked as an IT professional and her job included long hours, travel and many deadlines to meet. She ate irregular meals and suffered from digestive problems. She had previously seen an acupuncturist who used facial acupuncture points to treat her but unfortunately her pain increased after that treatment.

For her treatment at our clinic only 7 points were needled. 3 on her right arm, 3 on her right leg and 1 on her left leg. After the needles were in for only 4 minutes her pain was reduced by 50%. The needles were left in for 30 minutes. After the needles were removed her facial pain was reduced to 80%.

Although more treatments were required to reduce her trigeminal neuralgia facial pain further and make sure it did not return, this shows the immediate effects of this very effective style of acupuncture.

Note that no local points were used. In standard TCM acupuncture local points (in this case facial acupuncture points) are often employed. This can be compared to spanking a crying baby, creating more inflammation in the inflamed area. With the unique style of acupuncture that is used at Complete Oriental Medical Care the results of treatment are quicker and more long lasting.

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