Is Chiropractic Therapy Your Best Choice?

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Many of my patients tell me that they get regular chiropractic adjustments in an effort to relieve their pain. But some tell me that the pain-relieving effects from chiropractic treatment only lasts for a short time. Why is that?

Chiropractic adjustments can certainly be beneficial, but if a muscle is in spasm, it quickly pulls the vertebrae and joints right back out of place. If the organs are out of balance, they will also pull the skeletal structure out of alignment again. So, if chiropractic treatment sometimes doesn’t get to the root cause of your pain, acupuncture and Chinese herbs may treat your body on a deeper level. Here’s why.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are four levels of Qi (vital life energy), and acupuncture and Chinese herbs can tap into ALL FOUR of these levels, allowing for a comprehensive healing experience that goes right to the root cause of the imbalance.

Steven Sonmore, Licensed Acupuncturist, offers these holistic therapies that repeatedly give his patients results far beyond their expectations for pain management and stress relief. Using the power of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, he can help you achieve more than you have believed is possible.

Here’s just one example of the depth of acupuncture’s healing potential: One of Steven’s regular patients came in recently because he is being treated by western doctors for anxiety. Since acupuncture can also treat emotional issues, his anxiety started to diminish after only 4 acupuncture treatments. During one of those visits, he told Steven that he had some intense lower back pain as well, even though he had just had a chiropractic adjustment the day before. Now, we’re not trying to say anything bad about chiropractic treatments, but at times, it may not be sufficient to alleviate your pain.

So, Steven Sonmore asked his patient: “How would you like to get rid of your pain in less than five minutes?” The man laughed in disbelief and said, “Okay!”After Steven inserted several hair-thin needles in his arms and legs, the patient’s lower back pain was reduced by 70%! Weeks later, his pain hasn’t returned!

Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain?

If you experience chronic pain, you may have tried just about everything from massage to pain medications to chiropractic. If you’re like most people with chronic pain, you probably still suffer despite these treatments, and you may now even have side effects from the medications. Working with a therapist who has extensive knowledge of alternative medicine treatment options for lasting pain relief, improved range of motion, and stress reduction could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Discover an Empowering Approach

If you feel stuck in pain, stress, stiffness, and inflexibility, there is an answer…a quicker, more efficient way to achieve healing and relief. The fact that you’re still reading this article means you’re serious about optimizing your health.

With Steven Sonmore’s acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and nutritional treatments, you’ll be surprised to discover how virtually pain-free and stress-free you can be. That’s because these treatments work on the physical, mental, and emotional levels simultaneously. We’ll explore ways that you can optimize your own health and truly change the course of your life – for the rest of your life.

Don’t Delay Like So Many Others

Unfortunately, our Minneapolis acupuncture clinic is often the last resort for some people. This is sometimes due to the fear of needles because they don’t realize that the needles are about as thin as a human hair and are barely felt. As a result of this fear or lack of understanding of the effectiveness of acupuncture, people who have chronic pain often feel trapped in hopelessness for years, despite the fact that there is a considerable amount of research that points to how effective acupuncture can be.

Here’s another healing story: A client of Steven’s came to the office after open heart surgery. He explained that there was nothing that could be done for him because he had tried everything, but he decided to give acupuncture therapy a try anyway. As a result of the treatment, areas of pain and inflammation were alleviated, not only from the surgery itself, but from overworked joints that had given him pain and discomfort for years. He was delighted to discover that Steven’s acupuncture helped him to move past the pain and into a new, healthier life with increased flexibility.

Imagine Yourself Pain and Stress-Free

What’s the next step? You can get excited about looking through the rest of this website. Read the many testimonials from clients and the information about Steven Sonmore, and even sign up to receive his latest articles. They’re free and will give you greater insight into how he works and how these health therapies can help you. (Don’t worry – we never sell or distribute your email information.)

Even Making a Decision is Stress-Free

How to choose a practitioner? At our Minneapolis acupuncture pain clinic we understand. You want you to feel comfortable and confident with your choice. That’s why we offer a free 10-minute phone consultation. This offers you the chance to ask Steven Sonmore and his staff any questions you have about his methods, credentials, fees, and your specific needs.

If you’d like to get started right away, simply call our clinic and set up your initial appointment. This includes going through your health history, your primary health problems, diagnosis, and treatment. We look forward to working with you and helping you to feel better than you ever thought possible! Don’t delay! All you have to lose is your pain! Call now at 952-831-8080.

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