Boost Your Libido with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

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Low Libido? Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Has the Answer

Loss of libido is not something everybody talks about. But it’s something that many think about how to solve. So you thought acupuncture was just to relieve pain? Think again!

In ancient times, the best Chinese doctors were assigned to the Emperor. The emphasis was never just pain management but how to make him live longer and healthier. His doctors were expected to make him virile because he wanted many children, mostly sons. And his many concubines were expected to bear him children.

Acupuncture Restores Sexual Drive In Both Women & Men

Acupuncture for Low LibidoAccording to Chinese medicine the Kidneys rule sexual function. The strength of the Kidneys can be weakened by stress, overwork, aging and poor sleep. In the right hands, Acupuncture and specific Chinese herbal remedies can strengthen the kidneys, thereby strengthening sexual drive. Acupuncture enhances libido in both women & men. It is vital to strengthen the function of the Kidneys and overall body energy for reproductive health. Acupuncture also reduces stress and depression to further facilitate your recovery and regain vigor.

Acupuncture Brings Zest Into Your Life

Call our Minneapolis acupuncture and ask for the Libido Enhancement Acupuncture Treatment. Call 952-831-8080 now. Or go to our Contact page here. Reignite the spark!

P.S. Relax…the points we use at our acupuncture clinic to restore libido are located on the arms, legs and ears.
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