Study: Treating Depression with Acupuncture

A new pilot study by researchers at the University of Arizona confirmed that acupuncture treats major depression in women.

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A pilot study by researchers at the University of Arizona confirmed that acupuncture treats major depression successfully in women.

Depression is reportedly one of the top medical conditions in the US. About 50% of depression sufferers that pursue treatment are not helped by medication. Of those who recover, more than one third relapses within eighteen months. This suggests that alternative treatment may be very helpful for those who suffer from depression.

In the study adult women with mild to moderate depression were treated with acupuncture according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, each for her own specific pattern of symptoms. After finishing the acupuncture treatment of depression, 70% of women experienced at least a 50% reduction of symptoms, results comparable to the success rate of psychotherapy and medication.

This study is important because it is the first randomized, controlled, double-blinded study of acupuncture’s effectiveness for depression reported in Western scientific literature.

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