Alternative Cancer Care With Acupuncture

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Cancer care acupuncture Although the mortality rate of cancer patients in the United States has gradually dropped over the last 20 years, the way we deal with many aspects of cancer care has not. While treatment options such as radiation or chemotherapy have been a mainstay of treating cancer patients, the focus has never traditionally been on reducing the symptoms such as vomiting, weakness or loss of mobility that these treatments can cause. Alternative Cancer Care is a concept that has been growing more and more popular amongst the medical community and with those who have had to go through the sometimes devastating effects of traditional cancer treatment. Treating side-effects with acupuncture is a safe and effective way to help rebuild strength after/during treatment.

With Alternative Cancer Care, patients/doctors alike see how holistic and alternative medicine treatments can help ease the after-effects of the drugs/procedures which wreak havoc on the body both emotionally and physically.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for over 4,000 years. Often used to treat ailments ranging from depression to back pain, the medical community has finally taken notice. According to the American Cancer Society’s website, acupuncture may be “just as effective as antidepressants at reducing the unpleasant side effects associated with using hormone therapy for breast cancer.” This is one of the many reasons why acupuncture is rapidly becoming the future of Alternative Cancer Care.

At our Edina MN acupuncture clinic we treat patients with both breast cancer and prostate cancer. These treatments can enhance the immune system as well as reverse the side effects from standard medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

While drugs consistently come with side effects, acupuncture is an effective alternative which comes with no adverse reactions attached to it. The biggest concern with those first introduced to acupuncture is generally the worry that the needles will hurt. The needles that are inserted into the body are as thin as a human hair and the majority of people feel almost nothing when they are being treated.

Watch our video on acupuncture cancer care:

As cancer care evolves so does the research into holistic methods that have stood the test of time. Acupuncture is one of these methods and using it as additional therapy to any cancer treatment plan is beneficial. It can help ease drug induced side-effects and has been proven to have no side-effects of its own.

If you or a loved one suffers from cancer and you live in Minneapolis, St. Paul or the greater Twin Cities call our Edina acupuncture clinic at 952-831-8080 to set up your first acupuncture treatment. Or go to our contact page now.

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