Chinese Pulse Diagnosis at Edina Acupuncture Clinic

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Chinese pulse diagnosisThe most respected method of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine is “Pulse Diagnosis.” This method is a lost art with very few practitioners competent in its immense subtlety. Steven Sonmore, Licensed Acupuncturist is personally trained in this lost art. Used correctly, the pulse can reveal anatomical problems such as soft tissue damage, allergies, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, bone spurs, gall stones, sinus infections, ulcers and a host of other physical aliments. At the Complete Oriental Medical Care this method of pulse diagnosis is used daily in our treatment protocol.

pulse diagnosis acupuncture edina mnLearn what is going on in your body, what is causing it and how to improve it. When you schedule your appointment, your exam will include the Chinese pulse diagnosis and Chinese tongue diagnosis. Call 952-831-8080 to reserve your spot. Or fill out our contact page. Complete Oriental Medical Care is located at 7400 Metro Blvd #280, Edina, MN 55439.

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