Ford Plant Uses Acupuncture To Reduce Back Pain Medication

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acupuncture pain reliefA pilot study performed with assembly workers at the Ford Motor Company using acupuncture and mind/body therapies in conjunction with conventional medicine reduced the use of pain medications among participants by 58%. The findings were published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

In the study, one group received conventional pain management therapies, including pain medications. The second group utilized integrative therapies, including acupuncture and relaxation/meditation CDs. Both of the groups received treatments over a six-week period, with a 12-week follow-up.

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD, investigator on the study stated, “The results have very positive implications for employers looking to manage their pharmacy costs associated with low back pain.” Back pain is estimated to cost employers as much as $100 billion a year in direct medical expenses, lost workdays, reduced productivity, compensation payments and legal charges.

In this study, using acupuncture reduced the use of pain medications among participants by an impressive 58%. But in our Minneapolis acupuncture clinic we have helped many patients eliminate their pain medications completely. Why? Because of the unique and effective type of acupuncture used at our clinic. And most of our patients don’t want to be on medications that can cause negative side effects.

If you suffer from back pain and live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Edina /Twin Cities area call now at 952-831-8080 and set up your first appointment to end chronic back pain. Or fill out our contact form.

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