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Trational Chinese MedicineTraditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a complete health care system that includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, manual therapy (massage, cupping, gua sha), exercise and meditation. The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it is a participatory medicine. The patient is also responsible for their health as is the practitioner. So when you go to see our licensed acupuncturist, he might give you some homework to do such as diet (foods to use, foods to avoid), Chinese herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, stretches to relieve back pain, acupressure massage to relieve poor digestion, qigong breathing exercises to release stuck emotions and/or meditation.

What is unique about our Chinese medicine clinic is that it is tailored to the individual based upon your specific diagnosis. At our Minneapolis clinic we prescribe foods as well as Chinese herbal formulas that will not only assist you with your health problems but also improve your general well being…more energy, a better disposition, and just feeling good!

To learn more how you can enhance your health call our clinic today at 952-831-8080 today or go to our contact page now. If you live outside of the Twin Cities we can arrange a telemedicine consultation. Click –> here

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“So glad we did that interview! You are a great resource for the Twin Cities!” Amy Putkonen,




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