Start the New Year Off Right with Acupuncture

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Start New Year with AcupunctureWe’d like to wish you and yours a heartfelt Happy New Year! May 2023 bring you peace, health and prosperity.

To all of our patients and friends who have referred new patients to us this past year, Thank You! We are a referral only practice, meaning that the only way we attract new patients is through you… Satisfied Customers! By referring your friends and family members to us, you help ensure that we still be here for you when you need us next time. We cannot tell you just how much we truly do appreciate your referrals. Our mission is to help as many people as possible, and we could only do it with your help.

Our Edina clinic will be closed the first week of January and will reopen on Monday, January 9th. If you’ve been to our clinic you know we keep pretty busy helping patients. Steven and Naijin will be taking a well-deserved break.

Recently one of our patients got thrown from a horse and seriously injured her knee. Her surgeon told her she would need knee surgery. So we ramped up her acupuncture care. Now she doesn’t need surgery. Just one of the daily miracles we witness.

It’s almost that time of year again. The time of year when everybody makes promises to themselves known as New Year’s resolutions. But how do you actually keep and achieve those resolutions after January? The statistics aren’t very promising. According to, only about eight percent of the people who actually make New Year’s resolutions, carry them to fruition. Not too good. But there is a way to help stay on track with the resolutions. Yes, there is a way to help with achieving your new goals you set for yourself.

For many people, losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution. So we join a gym, start dieting, exercising and by the end of January, most have given up. Why? It’s too hard. Or is it? Acupuncture has been shown to help in many areas when it comes to losing weight. First off, it helps curb cravings. For many, this is huge. Acupuncture can also help balance hormones, which can lead people to eating more than they should and a lot of the things they shouldn’t, like sugary treats. Adding regular acupuncture treatments to proper diet and exercise can greatly increase the likelihood the weight will slowly come off, which is exactly how it should be approached.

Something else that occurs at the beginning of every year, after people join the gym, is they overdo it and then their muscles become overworked and sore. This is another area where acupuncture can help. Relieving pain and muscle spasms is the most common reason people go to see an acupuncturist. Unfortunately, it is usually after they have tried everything else without success. Why not avoid the middleman and just go straight to the source? Acupuncture is great for helping relieve pain and spasms, which will allow you to return to the gym more often, thus helping with resolution number one…losing weight.

Finally, regular acupuncture treatments can help relieve stress. After all the holiday get-togethers, the family outings, shopping, decorating and cleaning up all the mess, who isn’t stressed out? Acupuncture is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. And stress reduction is in the top five for those who actually do make resolutions. Stress is the cause of so many illnesses. And numerous studies have shown acupuncture can not only decrease stress and anxiety, but it can also lower blood pressure. For those who are on blood pressure regulating medications, this can be a great adjunctive therapy that can ultimately lead to taking less medications or even being able to stop them altogether. There are also other facets of Traditional Chinese Medicine that can help with stress relief. After a few treatments of acupuncture, some patients are saying that they sleep through the night without being bothered by constant worry or anxiety. Their body feels much better and are much more hopeful of the future.

So when you start gearing up for those resolutions, don’t forget to include regular acupuncture treatments. You might just be surprised how much easier it is to actually keep those resolutions and achieve your goals. Let us assist you in achieving your health goals for 2023! Call us at 952-831-8080 or contact us here.

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