Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

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Our Edina acupuncture clinic would like to extend a warm and prosperous Chinese New Year to all patients, friends and everyone around the world.

Did you miss your New Year’s resolutions? Well here’s your 2nd chance! Chinese New Year begins on January 22, 2023.  Chinese New Year is kind of Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one. We celebrate it in just one day and evening in the US, but in China Chinese New Year or Spring Festival (their spring arrives much earlier than ours) lasts for 15 days!

In Chinese legend, the Rabbit’s pure heart made it the chosen pet of the moon goddess. Rabbits are seen as solid and confident creatures, hidden under the mask of quiet personalities. Rabbits often represent hope and health. Quick in nature, rabbits are driven to succeed beyond any outside criticism. Routine is not something that comes easily to a rabbit, reminding us to live in the moment.

So since the year takes on the personality of the Rabbit this year should be a more peaceful and hopeful year than the last few. The Rabbit is less dramatic than last year’s Tiger. Water Rabbit represents peace, prosperity, luck and longevity. Are you ready?

Here are a few things you can do to welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Clean – Out with the old, and in with the new; this is the Lunar New Year motto. Physical cleaning of the home and body is essential for clearing out the “dust” from the previous year. This is a time of renewal, welcoming the prosperity and potential of a new beginning.

Celebrate – On January 21st homes are adorned in red in the form of lanterns, paper cuttings, and New Year’s paintings. These decorations ward off evil and pray for prosperity, health, longevity, and peace. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, firecrackers are set off to usher away any bad spirits and ring in the new year.

Reunite – A large reunion dinner is held on New Year’s Eve. This dinner welcomes all family members, often traveling long distances. Large families spanning several generations sit around large round tables enjoying traditional food such as dumplings, spring rolls, fish, and sticky rice cakes. Following the traditional family dinner, this tradition of reunification continues as friends would visit each other’s homes and exchange good luck wishes and seasonal greetings.

Revitalize – If 2022 got off to a slow start for you, here is your second chance, a second new year. Be intentional – prioritize your health; make an appointment for acupuncture. Call us at 952-831-8080 or go to our contact page.

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