Depression Natural Remedies

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depression treatment acupuncture chinese herbs4 out of 10 people in the US are on anti-depressants. Most studies show they work only 1 or 2% better than placebo. That’s not very good.

Being not depressed does not mean you don’t have some depressing days. Being not depressed means you have something bad happen in your life, you have an appropriate reaction and you move on. Being depressed is when something happens and days and days and weeks and weeks and you ruminate and it’s horrible. That’s depression.

7 out of 10 Americans report high levels of stress. So about 70% or more people in 1st world countries have elevated levels of stress. That is a huge concern that people come into our acupuncture clinic for…wellness, a sense of wellbeing, relaxation. It’s a huge issue in our population.

What’s an alternative? We have in our clinic wonderful Chinese herbal formulas. They can get you back to sleeping, relaxing, smiling. Just being chilled out. You don’t make poor food choices, or less poor drinking choices. You make less poor life choices. And then you’re better. They will bring you up when you’re down. And they bring you down when you’re up. That’s what Chinese medicine calls balance.

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