What is the Best Way to Reduce Pain?

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acupuncture pain reliefAre you suffering from chronic pain? If so, you may wonder what type of licensed health professional could help you. If you’re like a lot of people you may have already tried pain medications, prescriptions that only relieve your pain a little bit. You may be suffering from side effects as a result of these medications or the need to increase your dosage as you become immune to the effects of the pain killers. Unfortunately, this is the experience of many who take meds for pain. For some it becomes so severe that they become addicted to  pain killers and must enter a rehabilitation facility to stop taking them.

As a result, more and more people are turning to alternative medicine treatment options. Studies show that many people have experienced long-term or even permanent relief from their pain, better range of motion, and a reduction of stress from alternative treatments.

If you decide to try alternative medicine, however, you still have a difficult choice to make. There are numerous modalities, and it can be difficult to determine the best course of action.


Massage therapy works to relieve tightness and constriction held in the muscles of the body. If the cause of the pain is temporary muscular tightness, you might experience relief. The problem is that there are many other reasons for pain besides muscular tightness. If those causes are not addressed, the muscles simply tighten again very quickly after the massage is over.

As a result, many people complain that even though they enjoy regular massages in an effort to reduce their pain, the effects can be short-lived.

Acupuncture For Long Term Pain Relief

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that there are four levels of vital life energy, which is called Qi (pronounced “chi.”) While massage and even acupressure therapies work only on the first of the four levels, acupuncture can heal the body on all four levels. This is because acupuncture (as well as Chinese herbs) works on a deeper level, more specifically to heal  exactly what your body needs. Acupuncture works on the physical, mental, and emotional levels simultaneously.

One of the most compelling studies regarding acupuncture for the treatment of pain was conducted at Sheffield University in England and published in 2006. 241 patients participated, and even a short course of acupuncture had long-term effects on the pain of many of the patients. The majority had just ten treatments over a three-month period, and they reported experiencing less pain than before even two years after they had discontinued treatments. Many of them reported that they no longer needed pain medications.

A study conducted in Beijing, China in 1994 reported that 98.3% of the 56 patients in the study experienced substantial relief from chronic lower back pain.

Unfortunately, acupuncture is often the last resort for some people. They try massage therapists, their family doctor, pain medications, muscle relaxers, chiropractors, physical therapists, and even hypnotherapists before they try acupuncture. This is sometimes due to the fear of needles because they don’t realize that the needles inserted are the thickness of a human hair so they are usually barely felt.

As a result of this fear or lack of understanding of the effectiveness of acupuncture, people with chronic pain often feel trapped in hopelessness for years. One example, a client at our Edina MN clinic had chronic pain after open heart surgery. He thought there was nothing that could be done to relieve his suffering because he had tried almost everything. When he finally tried acupuncture, he found relief that he had not believed possible.

Acupuncture Combined With Other Treatments

Of course acupuncture treatments, along with nutritional counseling, and Chinese herbs are a great combination. They work well together to assist your body to heal. Coupled with Chinese herbs to address other health issues that might be contributing to the pain condition, as well as nutritional suggestions from a knowledgeable practitioner, you have the opportunity to potentially alleviate your pain entirely. At our clinic we integrate acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutrition to offer complete holistic health care.

While massage can address muscular aches and pains, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can also address other conditions that may cause or contribute to pain, such as sciatica, anxiety, insomnia, menstrual cramps and PMS, migraines, IBS, TMJ, and more. Pain relief is what we do everyday at our Edina Acupuncture clinic.

If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain and live in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul/ Twin Cities area be sure to get our free e-book to learn more about Acupuncture Pain Relief . Then call our receptionist now at 952-831-8080 to set up your appointment to end chronic pain and suffering.

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